Summerhill Farm Campsite Covid 19 Self Protection

Welcome to Summerhill farm campsite.

During these unprecedented times we are so pleased to welcome you to our campsite but as is normal now we ask you to follow our protective guidelines to keep us all safe.

Our reception is no longer our front door it is the wall outside of the bungalow and a bell has been provided to notify when you need assistance.
We are operating a cashless system for the foreseeable future

Hand sanitizer has been provided on all water points and the toilet block and reception
Please Wash you hands for at least 20 seconds before and after using our facilities.
We have provided Disinfectant Spray for use in the Bathroom Area, please use it to help protect us all from this deadly virus
Please use the disinfectant spray for all surfaces you touch, disposable roll is provided for you to use.
Please don’t queue for showers or facilities if at all possible and
Observe social distancing if this is not possible.

Due to the current situation we WILL NOT be selling ice creams or teas and coffees, Or charging Phones or Tablets.

We ask you to follow these guidelines to ensure your health and ours and to enable us to remain open to serve you.

During the pandemic we are retain our booking forms for track and trace purposes for 12 months

Thank you all so very much
Lyn Elliot and the team at Summerhill